Ferreira Fest 9

published September 2010

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Ferreira Fest 9

And once again it’s time for our monthly Ferreira Fest! We’re up to Party #9 already!

Grab a beaker of pineapple hooch courtesy of Mr. Brody’s still, and come along to celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira!


It’s only another week now until Season 2 of "Stargate: Universe” kicks off in the US. Mark the date: Tuesday September 28 at 9pm on the Syfy Channel.

Don’t forget, if you’re lucky enough to be home you can overdose on SGU all day long with a marathon that kicks off at 8am and goes all the way through to the Season 2 opener, “Intervention”.

Ferreira Fest guest Coffeegirl has provided a fabulous link for a large version (and much better quality than the one I had on file) of one of Louis’ official “reels” (a reel is a collection of filmed scenes and moments that showcase an actor’s range and talent for potential casting directors). Click on “Justin Louis” (his former stage name) in the top right corner of this page.

She also recommends Holly Dale’s website. Holly is a director who has worked with Louis many times, most recently on “Durham County”.  Coffeegirl writes: if you click on Scenes on the right hand menu then click on Missing on the left you get two options: Pig Face has LF in and then if you click on Odds & Ends on the right hand menu then on Missing on the left he is in the Shakedown clip.

While we’re on behind the scenes stuff – here is a hysterically funny video starring Peter Kelamis (Adam Brody on SGU). You can see Louis (bottom left) in it as he laughs his head off at Peter’s performance.

 Here’s a picture of the upcoming SGU season 2 episode “Aftermath” (no real spoilers here, just some Louis hotness) that certainly made my heart go pitter-patter and miss a few beats:  yes, the glasses are back.

On the more serious side I got a beautiful message from one of the readers/ party guests here at Ferreira Fest, and she has graciously allowed me to share it here with you all. She writes:

“Like LF I too have recently lost my mother and I thought I was dealing with it ok but after listening to the commentaries with LF on the SGU dvds and laughing most of the way through them I found myself smiling and laughing again - I hadn't realised I'd stopped.”

Thank you so much for the beautiful sentiment!

Finally, I made some screen caps of Louis’ part in the famous movie “Naked Lunch”. It’s one of those cult movies you either “get” or you don’t. I personally enjoy it more every time I watch it. Our (very young!) Louis is only in a very short segment, but he does have a speaking part, and you’ll never find a geekier Louis anywhere! Here he is, playing “Exterminator 3”, having lunch with his fellow exterminators (sorry - despite the title, he's fully dressed!). Note that he’s the only young man in the group. So, get your geek on with Louis Ferreira in “Naked Lunch”. You can get the movie on Netflix. It’s a cult classic you shouldn’t miss.

A very special thank you goes out to Amy at  tj_young for making a special Ferreira Fest tag for the Comm!


Well, honored guests, that’s it for this time. Thanks so much for hanging out and celebrating this talented man and his career. As always, please shoot me a message if you found a goodie you’d like to share, and I will put it on the tab for the next Ferreira Fest in about a month – always around the 2Oth (because his birthday is February 20th).

Don’t forget to check the TV listings on TV GUIDE and IMDB – they sometimes catch different shows, and the latter also has international listings. If the link does not work try this one and then click on US TV Schedule/ See More. At the moment we have the following to look forward to:

CSI, Grey Gardens, Cocktail, Stargate: Universe, Renegades, Criminal Minds, True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet, Loves Music Loves to Dance, Chestnut: Hero of Central Park and Common Ground. If someone in the UK could record Common Ground for me I will be forever in your debt and pay whatever price you name. Thank you! ;-)

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