Ferreira Fest 8

published August 2010

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Ferreira Fest 8

Would you believe it’s time for Ferreira Fest 8? Where did the summer go?!

I hope I have a few interesting goodies for you all this time, even though the net’s been rather quiet lately. I expect Louis news to pick up the closer we get to the start of SGU’s Season 2. This way to the party celebrating the work of Canadian actor Louis Ferreira! Grab a drink and pick up a drool bucket on the way - you'll need it.


First off, another recommendation from super sleuth ashimon:

I have found these two on YouTube. The quality isn't so good (in fact in the second video I realized Louis is in the scene because I heard his voice...LOL). I wish the person would post the whole episode, but...

The Notorious Seven 1

The Notorious Seven 2

(Note: this was a pilot for a series that was never picked up. Too bad! It looks like lots of fun)


There is also a very funny bit on Twitter that involves Louis, a fence, and some doggie doodoo.

Ashimon says: As for the Dog Poop incident, go to the link below and search for Louis (you might need to hit the more button at the bottom of the page). Click also the name of the person to whom LDP replies and do the same there. :) http://twitter.com/LouDPhillips 


Here is a very nice recent interview with Alaina Huffman who plays Tamara Johansen on SGU. Louis gets mentioned. ;-)


Here is a nice info page type website, still under his former artist’s name Justin Louis.



Aaaand a pretty picture, from “Missing”.


Finally, another special treat and blast from the past: Louis in “Stella”, where he played Ricky, a cocaine dealer. It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it part, but my new screencap program managed to squeeze a lot of caps out of it. ;-)  Young Louis is always eye candy!


And that’s it for this month! As always, keep checking the TV listings for when Louis is on TV. Currently on the docket in the US are “True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet”, “Cocktail”, “Criminal Minds” and “Grey Gardens”. If you have any links or other goodies to share, please pass them on to me and I’ll post them next month.

See you later! 



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