Ferreira Fest 7

published July 2010

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Ferreira Fest 7

In this month’s Ferreira Fest: Q&As, praise for Robert Carlyle, Captain Kirk, A Blast from the Past, and the most colorful jacket known to mankind.

Hard to believe it’s July already! And it’s time for this month’s Ferreira Fest, the place to celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira.

First up, three days from now the SyFy Channel will hold a Q&A with our man, so if you haven’t posted your questions yet you may do so here.

Many thanks to morag_s_enarah who also spotted this announcement and wanted to share it with you all!


Speaking of Q&As – some time ago we were invited to post questions for Louis at Joseph Mallozzi’s weblog. Apparently Louis was so overwhelmed with the vast quantities of questions he received that he answered at least some of them via video, while he was on vacation (one fan calculated that if Louis kept going at this pace he’d have to do a video every day until well into February. You do the math.). Here are the links to the first 3 installments of “The Pineapple Diaries”. Click on the links, and you’ll find out where the title comes from.

The Pineapple Diaries p.1

The Pineapple Diaries p.2

The Pineapple Diaries p.3


Super sleuth ashimon has found another gem to share as well – a great interview on the Globe and Mail, where he has nothing but praise for Robert Carlyle. You’ll have to watch a short commercial first before the interview starts, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Here is a somewhat older but very in-depth interview with Louis where he also discusses his character’s relationship with Dr. Rush, along with his friendship with Robert Carlyle.

Another older interview with Louis in which he discusses Captain Kirk vs Colonel Young – short, but oh so sweet. 

Here is the link to a site where you can download some of his movies – some of them well-known and some that are harder to find, including Blood and Donuts and The Lazarus Child.

And from the Blast from the Past corner: I’ve done some screencaps of the episode “Talk to me” of the series “Cracker” where Louis guest starred as both Jeffrey and Leon. It’s a pretty convoluted plot, and we get to hear THAT VOICE a good bit. PM me if you want spoilers. Warning: the caps also contain spoilers. ;-) The entire series is available on Netflix.

Louis on TV: Be sure to check both the TV Guide and the IMDB sites, since they find different listings for him all the time! At this moment we have the following listed in the next 2 weeks: Cocktail, Grey Gardens and Renegades, plus several more outside the US.

That’s it for this time, folks! As always, if you have something to share, please let me know so I can post it in the next Ferreira Fest! In the meantime, grab your pineapple and your favorite loud jacket and enjoy the links! ;-)

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