Ferreira Fest 5

published May 2010

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Ferreira Fest 5

Welcome to Ferreira Fest 5! Pull up a chair, grab a drool bucket, and get ready for a bunch of goodies celebrating Louis Ferreira and his work. Be sure to mop up afterwards. ;-)

  We’ll start out with the results of some top-notch sleuthing by ashimon who was so kind to pass on a few terrific links. Per her recommendations:     

I remember you posted the CBC interview earlier, but I had to realize that if you go to this link , click on the full episode rather than the interview part with him, there are two other segments: at about 2:30 into the video there is a short segment with Louis and his dog (this is verrry adorable) and then about 20 minutes into the video there is a segment with Louis and two other guys (it is a little silly but fun).

  And last but not least she found this lucky guy who proudly displays his Louis Ferreira autograph

 In other news, you probably caught the recent post on ColonelEz, if not, well, here’s the link again.

 For the serious collector, here’s a real gem: I finally sniffed out a few copies of the infamous “Trump Unauthorized” which was apparently released on DVD in Europe, so if you get this DVD please remember it won’t play on your average DVD player, but just about any laptop or computer should be able to do it. There aren’t a lot of copies left, so run, do not walk and get yours: Ambition 

 As a special little treat I've made some screencaps of Louis' two episodes on "24". You may recognize the lady playing his sister!

And finally, another little personal gem on the Oz Syfy site Sci Fi Pi: What would you gate with you? Read Louis’ answer for a bit of insight into the real man.

 That’s it for this month, folks – please drop me a note if you found any shareworthy info and I will put it on my list of goodies for one of the next Ferreira Fests, with full credit, of course. Don’t forget that the Andromeda Strain mini series airs this weekend on TV in the US. Louis plays Colonel Ferrus. I always get a kick out of that name. Be sure to check your local listings. Check here for international listings.

See you in June!

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