Ferreira Fest 3

published March 2010

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Ferreira Fest 3

For this month’s Ferreira Fest I’ve decided to post all sorts of video links, all of them drool bucket material. If you have any others to share, please post them so we may all enjoy them!


First off, here's a Young/ Rush video called "The Scientist" that I found on YouTube:

Another Young/ Rush vid from YouTube:

Yet another Young/ Rush vid from YouTube, with some nice other character moments:

Young/ Rush again, short and poignant:

And one more - emphasis on Rush, and the heartbreaking ending.

Here you can watch the first OUTER LIMITS episode that Louis was in, “Corner of the Eye”. Beware – there is a naked chest and… umm… nipples. ;-) Oh yes, scary people, too (Snippets of this episode also appear in the Season 1 finale “The Voice of Reason”). http://www.imdb.com/video/hulu/vi4228252

And his second OUTER LIMITS episode from Season 5, “Star Crossed”:

And a special clip from Movieweb – interviews and clips from SGU here at

And the ultimate page to drop a bookmark – his upcoming TV appearances. Don't forget the SGU marathon on SyFy on April 2, with a new episode that evening:

That’s it for this month, folks. Are your eyes square yet?!


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