Ferreira Fest 2

published February 2010

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Ferreira Fest 2
It's February 20th, and guess whose 43rd birthday is today?!

So, in honor of The Man's special day here is another batch of links to Louis Ferreira stuff.
Grab a drool bucket and enjoy.

Here is an interesting clip about the making of the Mausoleum trap from Saw IV. Louis gets to goof around between takes - it's very funny. Nice close-up of his special effects make-up, and of course he makes fun of that, too.


Very funny Sky1 interview here; He's messing with the interviewer on the Hammond set (which of course he's never been on before). Watch for the script in his back pocket.

And an interview about his work on SGU at DOSE.CA:

And another one from DOSE.CA, this one is a partial transcript of the above:

And as a very special treat I've made some screen caps of the episode "The Domino Heart" from the 6th season of "ER". Louis plays Michael Mueller, a gay man who is being physically abused by his partner and who ends up in the ER because of a seizure. It's a fabulous episode and quite heartbreaking. As always, Louis does a fantastic job and those puppydog eyes serve the character well without him ever appearing wimpy or weak:
Follow the link to my Photobucket album.

That's it for this month, folks - I hope you enjoyed the links.

And Happy Birthday, Louis!!!

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