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Summer 2020

COVID-19: We're all in this together!

Ferreira Fest would like to remind everyone to take the current pandemic very seriously.

In the United States, find the latest information at the CDC - The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as your local Health Department

In Canada please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Here are the official Corona Virus pages of the countries of our most frequent visitors:
For other countries, a quick internet search will get you the official national site for the current status and recommendations.
In the meantime, please be smart. Stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Call your friends or do video chats instead of meeting them in person. Practice social distancing - stay at least 6 feet (3 meters) away from the next person. Wash your hands frequently (use soap and sing Happy Birthday twice while you scrub up!), avoid touching your face, and cough or sneeze into your elbow. And whenever you're leaving the house, please do your part, just like Louis and Jackie:

photo by L. Ferreira
Why you should always wear a mask in public:

reposted from Dionne Bondy Yoga
How not to wear your mask in public:

Are you in quarantine but wish you could help out there? Go online shopping at Haven Toronto's Shop & Share Page. Anything you buy there goes directly to an elder homeless man in need. Our homeless brothers and sisters are especially vulnerable, and your contribution will make a big difference.
Always practice positive thinking! Louis sends the following useful mindset shift suggestions from Sumaira Z:

If you do get sick, stay home and call your healthcare provider on what steps to take next.

But above all:
We're all in this together!

Louis shares these photos of a couple of mallards waddling through his backyard to the lake and back every day...

Like those ducks we all need to care about each other, follow our daily routines in a safe manner and remain calm. Nothing improves with a panic, but clear heads and thoughtful behavior will help us through this situation.
Stay active! If you can't leave the house - dance! You can join Jackie and Louis right here!
Need some cool at-home activities for yourself and/ or the kids? Check out NASA at Home - they have something for every skill level and attention span, from videos to actual science projects! Click on the screenshot below to join the experience!

Got some photos to share on how you are coping? Things that made you feel better? Cute cat or dog photos? Pretty views from your window? Send them over via email and we'll post them here!

Salt Spring Island by Nicole Pilich

Salt Spring Island by Nicole Pilich

Salt Spring Island by Nicole Pilich

Salt Spring Island by Nicole Pilich

Salt Spring Island by Nicole Pilich
Salt Spring Island by Nicole Pilich
Salt Spring Island by Nicole Pilich
Salt Spring Island by Nicole Pilich

Mallard Duck by Louis Ferreira

Salt Spring Island by Greyston Holt

Freshly baked bread by Rob Munic

Cutie Dog by Lillie

Baby Donkey by Hannah

Dad with Baby Donkey by Hannah

Calvin by Amanda

Navid the pizza delivery guy by Nicole

Cross Stitch by Caroline

Books by Agi

Baby Snake with hat by Julia Ann

Cat in snow by Natalie

Paco by Casey

Paco by Casey

flowers by Bea

Squirrelhead by Eric

Pebbles by DeVo



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