When Louis first started getting involved in Ferreira Fest in the Fall 0f 2011 it was our big goal to work towards charitable causes that we - his friends, supporters and fans - could promote. As we've learned, setting up such an endeavor is quite involved, and finding just the right causes took time. But we have arrived, and now you, honored guests, are able to give back something for every photo Louis has shared, every question of yours he's answered, every tweet of yours he's responded to, every story of his that has touched us.

Giving to those in need, serving society for the greater good and sharing our good fortunes with those who have fallen upon hard times are essential expressions of the human spirit, and to many of us, including Louis, it comes naturally. Doing good makes you feel good. Giving makes you richer. Sharing creates communities.

Louis sums it up perfectly in this little clip:

LF: Make a small difference by supporting charities. It’s something that I think we all should do. And I think ultimately it’s in the giving back that we serve ourselves.

To that end he has selected specific charities for us to support, but really, it does not matter who you give to, as long as you do it with goodwill and friendship in your heart.


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