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As a father himself Louis has a vested interest in supporting children's charities. Please visit the official web pages of Children's Aid Foundation of Canada for much more information, testimonials, case stories and detailed descriptions of outreach and education programs:


Children’s Aid Foundation adds ‘of Canada’ to its name to reflect its current national reach and is asking Canadians to help improve the future for kids in care. Children’s Aid Foundation officially becomes Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and launches its national campaign for child welfare – Stand Up for Kids. Canadians can help shape the future for children and young people living in care of the child welfare system who urgently need their support by signing the pledge at

In Canada, more than 235,000 children and youth live with the threat of abuse, neglect or abandonment and over 67,000 live in foster care without permanent families. The reasons why children come into care are complex, but are never a child’s fault. They can include poverty, addiction, mental health challenges, isolation and lack of a parenting support network, and the legacy of intergenerational trauma.

Without support, they face incredible odds to a brighter future; less than 50 per cent will graduate high school and they are 200 times more likely than their peers to experience homelessness. In addition, 82% of kids in care are diagnosed with special needs and nearly all have experienced childhood trauma.

At, Canadians can join the movement to create change for kids in care in Canada by:

· Signing the Stand Up for Kids pledge
· Finding out how to become a Stand Up for Kids ally in the community
· Donating to Stand Up for Kids in order to help remove barriers that limit the potential of children and young people in and from care

Please watch the video for more information:

Children's Aid Foundation Campaign Video - Main from Children's Aid Foundation on Vimeo.

This Children's Aid Foundation Corporate Video provides a general and brief introduction to the Foundation’s new five-year National Campaign for Child Welfare. It is also serves as an anchor to five more videos that each represent one of five campaign priorities:

- Mental and physical supports to help youth heal
- Improving youth prospects through education
- Creating life long bonds for youth as they grow into adulthood
- Helping youth find their identity
- Helping youth transition from care

Children's Aid Foundation believes that all children have the right to grow and lead happy lives. Unfortunately kids in need of protection (served by child welfare) lack everything most kids take for granted and begin with a safe and stable home with life long bonds. Through a national campaign we hope to create real change for vulnerable kids in Canada and illuminate their potential for a brighter tomorrow.

The Children's Aid Foundation publishes a monthly online newsletter called The Buzz. In it you will find updates on fundraisers, activities, and stories of children who have benefitted from the various programs the organization supports.

We have set up our very own donations page for The Children's Aid Foundation. As you can see, we have already passed our first fundraising goal. Please visit our special page and send all your friends there as well. Click on the donations banner to go to the donations page, or cut and paste/ follow the link:

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