The Birthday Project Page


Every year we are planning something special for Louis' birthday, which is on February 20th.

This year it was an origami project with paper cranes. And everybody could participate!
Senbazuru is the well-known Japanese tradition of folding one thousand origami paper cranes for special occasions. We took it one step further by having each paper crane carry a good wish for Louis on its wings.

Here's Louis, expressing his thanks in the style of Despicable Me:

LF - Hello my friends, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! Because this is my birthday and I got lots of birthday wishes from all of you so it makes me feel real nice inside. So, I love you! And I wish everybody many happy days. Sunday, Monday, happy days. Tuesday, Wednesday, happy days! All days make for happy birthdays. I love you. Night night.
Here's Louis with his wealth of good wish paper cranes, posing with two famous characters...

And this is where the paper cranes currently reside - as a lovely colorful trim around the living room windows!


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